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New Instore - March


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New Instore - March

2 products that work hand in hand to keep your job looking good are Discrete Concrete Cleaner and Peel & Shield.

Discrete is a unique, safe to use concrete cleaner based on organic compounds. Using new acid replacement technology, Discrete gives the action of a tough acid cleaner but without the fuming, chemical burns and corrosion.
Importantly it is non-dangerous.

Shield n Peel is a high quality peelable coating designed specifically for the temporary protection of surfaces during the construction phase. Simply brush, roll or spray on and peel off at the end of the job.
Both these products are available instore in various sizes and will help you keep your jobs
clean and minimise damage to expensive finishes.

This is not a new product but
we now carry 4 x 2m reinforced steel in F72
as well as smaller 2.4 x 1.2 m panels.
Great for smaller projects or tight access sites