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  • Wall Mounted Shelving

    Download Wall-mounted shelves of some size and shape usually become a necessary part of almost everyone's home. The purpose of this project sheet is to discuss some of the most common wall mounted shelving systems and construction methods that can be accomplished by the average home handyman. No matter what shelving system you ultimately deicide upon, take into account the visual effect you want from your wall system, what it will hold, and the structural elements required. Draw a plan to aid you in ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Timber Gate

    Download Timber gates aren't difficult to build and you can build them to dimensions to suit your own requirements and in a style that compliments your property. They can be fancy, to enhance the front of your home or they may just be useful and lead to the backyard  and keep children or animals safely contained. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Outdoor Table and Seats

    Download This outdoor table with attached seats features uncomplicated cutting and assembly techniques and you can build it in a day. It uses standard dimensional timber sizes and only basic carpentry tools are required for the fabrication. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Make a Fly Screen

    Download Flyscreens help you to relax, keeping out annoying flying insects and providing your home with a natural fresh-air feel.  Making your own screens is a relatively easy one that you can do yourself and you’ll save money and get the job done when you need it.

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Timber Window Repair

    Download Windows stick for a variety of reasons. Paint, accumulated dirt in sash channels, and warped stops or jambs all can make a window difficult or impossible to open. Or the cause could be a mechanical problem, such as a broken sash cord, faulty spring balance, or malfunctioning crank operator. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Wine Rack

    Download A great looking wine rack that, because of its modular design, can easily be expanded to accommodate a growing wine collection. The components simply lock together and stack one on top of the other as needed. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Tap Washer

    Download Did you know that just one leaking or dripping tap can waste more than 2,000 litres of water per month? As well as wasting water and being a constant source of annoyance, leaking taps could also stain your sink, basin or bath. In this article we will show you the causes of leaking and dripping taps and explain the methods of effectively rectifying them.

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Planter Box

    Download This planter box is a breeze to make. Based on stacking square frames together to form the planter sides, then attaching outer rails and a base, this planter, although a simple design, will add that special something to your outdoor decor.   With a few simple modifications, you could make your planter taller or wider to suit your potted plants. You could build two and use them as the legs of a garden bench or build a long one, then add a removable top to make a simple bench with storage und ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Pergola

    Download Draw your Pergola floor plan and elevations on graph paper to an easily convertible scale, e.g. 1 metre equals 2 graph squares. Draw your support posts (uprights) at grid line intersections to make things easier. Don’t forget to allow for the overhang of rafters. Most local Councils require that plans are submitted for approval so it might be prudent to check with them first. While you’re at it, check the locations of any underground utilities that you may encounter when digging your ...

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Garden Bench

    Download This garden or deck bench is an easy project with simple joints. The most complicated part is cutting the curves for the seat supports or you could leave the seat flat. Because of its simplistic design, this bench will complement any deck or garden and, because it’s so easy to make, you can make more than one and scatter them about.  Use the measurements given as a guide only … because of the design, this bench can be lengthened or shortened and still look good. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013

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