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  • Garden Arch

    Download This garden arch features a cross-hatch lattice design on the sides and a curved arch overhead, however the design lends itself to modification. You could forgo the curved arch and replace it with a squared or peaked one. You could also replace or vary the latticed sides with pre made lattice. The construction of the archway is easiest if you assemble it on the ground and set it in the ground when completed, so have a few helpers handy when it comes to this part. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Timber Fences

    Download As a rule, you should set fence posts about 1800mm to 2400mm apart. The spacing of the posts depends on the type of fence you build, the terrain, the purpose of the fence, and other such factors. Drive in stakes at the exact position where the post holes are to be dug.  If necessary shorten the post spacing at corners for the best appearance and don’t forget to include any gate posts in your calculations. 

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:29-05-2013
  • Credit Application

    Download Download your 30 day credit application here

    Category: Miscellaneous Forms / Posted:17-04-2013
  • Dog House

    Download Every dog needs a home. Show your best friend how much you care by building his or her home yourself. This dog house is designed for an average sized dog and makes the most use of a single sheet of 2440mm x 1220mm exterior plywood.

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:17-04-2013
  • Timber Decking

    Download Few home improvements can match a wood deck for usefulness, beauty and enhanced value to a home. For adults, decks offer outdoor living space for entertaining, sun bathing and dining. For children, they provide an excellent outdoor play area.  

    Category: Project Sheets / Posted:17-04-2013

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